Dog Day Care

Here at Noah's Ark, we also offer flexible day care facilities for all of you doggy parents! 

They will have access to our large indoor hall and be in the care of qualified staff at all times. 

What is the difference between the Day School and the Day Care?

Dogs who are enrolled into our school have specific training programmes which they are working on, these are designed by our trainers with the information they gather from the dogs owner during the enrolment. If your dog is not in need of any formal training and you would simply like somewhere safe to take them when you need a hand, our Day Care is perfect! 

Price List 

Half day (5 hours)- £12

By the day- from £15 

More than one dog? from £15 for the first dog and then £10 for any additional dogs 

All puppies under 6 months old get their first FULL DAY FREE!

Call us today to book your FREE enrolment!