Passionate about Dogs

You'll find everything from our dog day school centre, to our retail pet shop all under one roof!

Here at Noahs Ark we offer a Day School for dogs of all ages and also a Dog Grooming Service on site.  Please click the following link for the dog groomers 

We also have a well stocked pet shop with a large variety of products, treats, toys and chews for your dogs.

Feel free to pop in any time during our opening hours for a look around to see what we can offer you and your dog.

We are also proud to say we believe we have the largest area for a Day School in the whole of the Hull area.

We are one of Hull's only dog day school facilities that has staff who are all either Level 3 qualified or working towards this, and have first hand experience working in this environment. 

This means that your dog is not only going to be cared for to the highest standard, but will also be learning whilst spending time with us! 

Why choose Noah's Ark?

Young dogs - Nervous or boisterous puppy? Noah's ark day school is a brilliant place to help socialise your puppy in a safe environment, under the care of fully qualified and experienced staff. This means they will help teach your puppy the social skills it needs, whether that be building its confidence or teaching it how to play appropriately.

Adult dogs - Does your dog enjoy being in the company of other four legged folks? Our Day school has plenty of room for the pupils to run and play, with access to toys and other play equipment including slides and tunnels! Obedience training - Our day school is not only a place where your dogs will be looked after, but it will be an educational experience whereby we can help develop your dogs obedience during their day. This can range from things like basic sit and down commands to teaching your dog not to jump up at people, with a whole load more! 

To contact us for more info message us


Bella is a 4 month jack russell. She has just started going to Noah’s ark. I was apprehensive about leaving her whilst I’m at work, but to say “she loves it” it as understatement. Various pictures are posted on FB throughout the day and the report card is great. Bella doesn’t even look back at me when I drop her off. She trots in wagging her tail, looking forward to the day ahead. I think it’s a fabulous concept and the staff do a brilliant job. Well done to Noah’s Ark

My 4 month old pup Chester has been going to Noah’s ark now alittle while he seems to love it staff so friendly and helpful he always comes home tired out love seeing pictures through the day on Facebook and reading he certificate on how he has been and what he has been doing 💯 recommended final item when hovering your mouse over this block.

Freya is only 15 weeks old and so hasn’t met many people and no dogs due to COVID. Today was her first session at Noah’s Ark and to say she had fun was an understatement. I was kept up to date with Facebook posts and even received a report card which is too cute to mention. All the staff was amazing and we’re all booked in for next week. Freya has been in this position since we got home and I don’t think I’ll be moving anytime soon 



Noah's Ark is fully licensed by the council and has the highest star rating available which is a 5 star 3 year license so you know your pets are in safe hands and we provide the best care available.