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Normal Day at School

Here at Noah’s Ark we take pride in offering an excellent service not only for you as an owner but for your furry companion too. During the time your dog is in our care we ensure that they are in a happy, stress free environment. This entry is what you can expect from a normal day in Noah’s Ark Dog Day Care.

The day starts off anywhere after 7.45am, as all our wonderful dogs begin to arrive they give their last goodbye kisses to their owners and we take them through to our large play hall or outside yard depending on the weather. This is where we keep all their belongings and dinners (in a sectioned off area), any buckle collars are swapped to one of our quick release collars for safety and a full body health check is done on each dog to ensure all staff are aware of any issues.

Then the fun starts! All our dogs are able to play freely with each other and staff members, there is access to a wide range of toys and play equipment to stimulate them. On warmer days we use paddling pools and other water toys to keep them cool and their minds busy! Our staff are trained to monitor behaviours and teach them polite play with each other.

At 12pm we start our lunchtime feeds, food is only given to dogs which owners have provided food for to keep to their routines. Each dog is fed in a separate area away from the other dogs and they’re given as long as they need. We can use different food bowls such as slow feeders to enrich them as they eat and ensure the dogs practice good food manners when presented with their food, working on behaviours such as snatching food. During lunchtime each dog is once again health checked to ensure we keep on top of any injuries or illness’.

After lunchtime all the dogs have run off most their energy during the mornings play, so the afternoon can be used to focus on basic training tailored to each dog and owners needs, we can work on things such as recall, sits, down, waits and other basic commands which helps to mentally stimulate your dog.

Dogs start to be collected at times to suit the owners and we say our goodbyes. Each dog has a daily report card filled out so you know what your dog has got up to during the day and so we can keep a record of anything we might need to pass on.


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