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What is puppy socialisation?

Puppy socialisation in basic terms means introduction your new puppy to a variety of different things, this can be other dogs, people, animals and situations. The socialisation process should involve your puppy having many pleasant experiences with new encounters.

Why is it important to socialise your puppy?

It is important for the development of your puppy for them to encounter many new situations as this will help lead to owning a well-rounded happy adult dog. The experiences your dog has in the first few years of its’ life will help to structure their temperament and personality in their adult years, so it is important to keep each new experience a positive one so that they do not start to fear any particular situation.

When should you start socialising your puppy?

Normally puppies leave their mothers at 6-8weeks old, this is the perfect time to start socialising them. It’s easy to start socialising your puppy with new people, allow them to greet friends, family and other people on walks or out and about. Always allow your puppy to greet new people in their own time and not to force them to go near strangers as this can scare them, ask people to couch down to the puppy level so that they do not scare them.

When introducing your puppy to other dogs you should monitor how they greet new dogs and their play. Most other dogs will give puppies signals for what is and isn’t okay when meeting them and during play however some dogs will be very tolerant. Think about how you want your dog to act as an adult dog as if they play very excited and physically as a puppy they will learn to expect to be able to play like this in their adult years too.

Puppies under 12 weeks of age will be more outgoing and may not seem to fear many situations they’re faced with. After 12 weeks of age their brains are far more developed and new situations may now be approached with caution. It is important to continue to socialise your dog throughout it entire life by taking them out and about and allowing them to greet other animals and people.

What we do at Noah’s Ark Dog Day School

Here at Noah’s Ark we encourage puppy socialisation by offering a trial day in school for puppies under 6 months of age. During their time here, our staff members will monitor their play and teach them appropriate play behaviours and how to listen to other dogs’ signals. We allow all our dog to mix together of all ages, breeds and sizes, this is important to ensure your puppy does not become fearful towards any certain group of dogs. We will also watch the signals your puppies showing and allow them breaks from play and the group if they need and make their time here an incredibly positive experience.


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